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E-Cigs or E-Cigarettes have become a very popular alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Even though they cannot advertise as a smoking cessation product, many use E-Cigs as a way to quit smoking regular cigarettes. Like a nicotine patch, E-Cigarettes contain nicotine but they also have the feeling of a real cigarette in your hand without the second hand smoke and ashes, you do not inhale tar and smoke, just nicotine and you exhale water vapor. Many have reported that once they stopped smoking real cigarettes and started using E-Cigarettes, their lungs felt better and their sense of smell and taste returned. These three E-cigarette products all sell their version of E-Cigs. more
Starfire Cigs, Jet Cigs, and White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes offer a diverse groups of electronic cigarette kits. Each kit from these 3 companies are so distinct that you will find it extremely easy to pick which one is right for you. From beginners to extremely advanced users, these 3 companies have you covered. Starfire Cigs gives you a single kit with handy charging devices and elegant batteries. Jet Cigs keep things simple with a minimalist package and a limited number of add-ons. White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes offers a plethora of choices with bold and stylish designs, perfect for the experienced electronic cigarette smoker. more
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Unfortunately, Starfire Cigs does not currently offer downloadable mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This online shopping store sells e-cigarettes personal charger cases, flavor cartridges, car charger adaptors, wall adaptors, hats, USB chargers, batteries and more. You can find mor... more
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Starfire Cigs are an electronic cigarette or an e-cig. Electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity because they do not burn, do not cause smoke or second hand smoke, and do not contain the thousands of chemicals and tar that a real cigarette contains. Electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine and the user gets the nicotine without all of the burning chemicals of a traditional cigarette. Starfire Cigs sells the following e-cig products. Electronic cigarette starter kits that contain the e-cigarette, rechargeable batteries, charger and nicotine cartridges. Nicotine flavored cartridges that come in different flavors like Turkish tobacco, menthol, vanilla, coffee and others. Electronic ... more
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